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Panko and Wasabi Encrusted Tuna

So tonight I had no idea what to do for dinner and it was after 7pm. Ed likes to eat by 7pm so this was not the best of circumstances. I did know that we would be having roasted green beans, as we had some of those to use up, but the rest of the meal was still a mystery. As I stood in the middle of the kitchen just looking around Ed reminded me that we had a lot of frozen fish in the freezer that we had not been using as frequently as he would have liked. Taking the hint I asked him what kind of fish he would like. His reply was the first one you grab. As it happened tuna was the closest at hand. When I made sushi bowls a while ago Ed came home with some Wasabi Sauce to use in the recipe. This was not near spicy enough for my tastes, I could eat a spoonful and not feel a thing, but it did have a very pleasant taste. I stood there and thought to myself “tuna and wasabi go very well together”. The question was how to keep the wasabi on the tuna while cooking. The answer…panko. This turned out surprisingly good. I thought that there wasn’t enough wasabi taste but Ed like the milder taste and raved about this meal. As I was eating I came up with many other ways to try and make this fish. 1. add powdered wasabi to beaten egg, coat, and dredge in panko. 2. sprinkle wasabi powder on tuna steaks directly and sear. 3.Coat in egg and add wasabi powder to the panko. Iam sure that there are still others. If you happen to try one of the other methods please let me know how it turned out. For now here is the process/recipe that I followed.

P.S. I served this with goat cheese and lemon infused quinoa.

panko and wasabi tuna

Panko and Wasabi Encrusted Tuna by Me

tuna steaks – we cooked 3
3/4 cup panko
1/3 cup Wasabi Sauce
olive oil for cooking

Coat tuna steaks in the wasabi sauce and then dredge (covering well) in panko.

Heat olive oil in a flat bottom pan. When hot add tuna steaks and cook for approx. 4 mins on each side and until coating is a nice medium brown.

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I have belonged to a cooking club for about 5 yrs now. It could be 4 years or maybe 6, I’m not really sure, but however long it has actually been it sure has been a lot of fun! I found the group when I responded to an ad on CookingLight.com. We don’t actualy do Cooking Light recipes but it was a great way to connect. It is an awesome group of women and it’s not just the food and wine that leaves me with a warm and fuzzy feeling after each meeting. This time we had a wonderful New Orlean’s style dinner with all recipes from Emeril.

We started out with a lovely Shrimp with Cocktail Sauce appetizer
Shrimp Boil
Emeril’s Favorite Boiled Shrimp
shrimp with cocktail sauce
These were so good I could have eaten them all myself!!!!

Next we had a dinner consisting of Herb Rice Pilaf, Nutty Green Beans, Hush Puppies, ( I thought that these were a little salty so I would reduce the salt a bit next time.) and Oven Baked Crabmeat Stuffed Sole with Meuniere Sauce (we substituted flounder for the sole). Nothing to complain about here!!!
crab stuffed flounder 2
hush puppies
herb rice pilaf
dinner plate

And now for dessert…….
bananas foster cooking
Bananas Foster!!!!!
bananas foster

ENJOY I know we did!!!!!

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There are a few fish that I really like and Orange Roughy is definitely in the top few. It has such a rich buttery taste and will hold it’s own against heartier sides. Tonight I had no idea how I was going to cook it. I love to add lemon to fish but it always just pours off the fish. I decided that I wanted to incorporate the lemon juice into something that would stick on the fish. This turned out deliciously. In the words of my daughter…”I’m loving this fish”…and from her that is high praise.
0range Roughy

Orange Roughy with Lemon and Capers by Me

3 orange roughy fillets
3 tbsps melted butter
1/3 cup seasoned bread crumbs
1/3 cup grated parmesan cheese
1 2/3 tbsps lemon juice
1 tbsp small capers

Combine all ingredients except for the fish. Spread an equal amount of the mixture over each fillet. Bake at 425 degrees for 20-25 mins until topping is brown and fish flakes easily.


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